Thomas Verstraeten


Works and days
Performance in collaboration with FC Bergman
From 26.09.2024
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Expo Seefhoek Series
Solo exhibition
Fred & Ferry Gallery and Toneelhuis
From 23.11.2024 to 21.12.2024
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Samenspel; participatory performance; ZNA Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Stuivenberg, Antwerp
Plaatsbeschrijvingen; film screenings; Filmhuis Klappei, Antwerp
Coup De Ville 2024: Artists & Athletes: the hill they climb; group exhibition; WARP - Contemporary Art Platform, Sint Niklaas
Aanwinst; group exhibition; C-Mine, Genk
Seefhoek Series; series of performances; Toneelhuis and DE SINGEL, Antwerp
Die Schöpfung; opera; Theater Basel
B-Sides & Rarities, The Gallery Edition; group exhibition; Fred & Ferry Gallery, Antwerp
Il Ritorno D'Ulisse in Patria; opera; FC Bergman; Grand Théâtre de Genève

Familiestraat; film screening; DESINGEL
Dorpelijkheid; group exhibition; De Kruierie Balen
Look out the window. What you are seeing is called history; solo exhibition; Fred & Ferry Gallery
7X7, performance/installation, Toneelhuis, Antwerp
Village Matters; group exhibition; Atelier Vlaams Bouwmeester, Brussels
Photobooth; performance/installation/photo series; Ghent International Festival

Familiestraat; performance; deSingel, detheaetermaker, Campo, Het Oude Badhuis
The Fifth Season; performance; Luzerner Theater, Lucerne
Bovenkamer; group exhibition; Fred & Ferry Gallery
The Sheep song; performance; FC Bergman, Toneelhuis

Les pêcheurs de perles; opera; FC Bergman, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Opéra de Lille
JR; performance; FC Bergman, Toneelhuis
The parade of men, women and those who look from a long way off like flies; video installation, Antwerpen Barok 2018, Rubens Inspireert, Antwerp

The parade of men, women and those who look from a long way off like flies; performance; deSingel, detheatermaker, Het Bos; Antwerp

Momentum; installation; deSingel, detheatermaker; Antwerp
Nocturama; performance/installation; Toneelhuis, Antwerp

The land of Nod, performance; FC Bergman, Toneelhuis
The Image Generator; performance; Extra City, Lokaal 01, Kunst/Werk, Platform 0090, Antwerp

Pierre Menard’s paradox; performance/installation; Showroom, BORG, Antwerp

Van den vos, performance; FC Bergman, Toneelhuis

Revolving doors, group exhibition, CC Strombeek, Strombeek-Bever
Terminator Trilogy; performance; FC Bergman, Toneelhuis

Burgemeester Camille Huysmansprijs; group exhibition; Extra City Project Room, Antwerpen 
Final 011, group exhibition; Sint-Lucas, Antwerp
Le chant des possibles; group exhibition; Hotel Charleroi, BPS 22, Charleroi
The Slowdown at the Museum; group exhibition; Extra City, Antwerpen
The Tiberius Principle; group exhibition; Middelheimmuseum, Antwerpen
Into The Light; group exhibition; Error one, Antwerpen
300 el x 50 el x 30 el; performance; FC Bergman, Toneelhuis

What Remains; solo exhibition; Monty ABN, Antwerpen

Walking down the Champs-Elysées with a tortoise to get a better view of the world, but it is hard to drink tea on an ice floe when everyone is drunk; performance; FC Bergman, Monty
Project Perform; performance/group exhibition; Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)
Mobile Unit, group exhibiton; Scheld’Apen, Antwerp

A preview on fragments of a new world; performance; FC Bergman, Monty

De rotsebreker; performance; FC Bergman, Scheld’Apen