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Thomas Verstraeten

Look out the window. What you are seeing is called history

My solo show at Fred&Ferry Gallery was set up as a dialogue, or perhaps better, as a confrontation between two projects: Pierre Menards paradox and Familiestraat. In September 2014, I created Pierre Menard's paradox. For this, I built a copy of the Moroccan coffee house Tanger, situated diagonally opposite the exhibition space. The installation described the interior of the coffee house as a place of here and elsewhere, familiar and strange, as a paradox. For Familiestraat, I built an exact replica of my street in wood and cardboard in a large factory hall. Together with 250 local residents I re-enacted about 35 true events that happened in Familiestraat in the bizarre year 2020. In both projects, seemingly futile pieces of history were re-enacted with great care and precision by their original 'inhabitants'. Both projects take ordinary, everyday events as their starting point. They are pieces of history that are saved from being forgotten. Every event, no matter how small or trivial, contributes substantially to those few events that do get a place in our collective memory. Cees Nooteboom writes in his Berlin Notes: "History is a substance that is manufactured of its own accord; if you turn away from the staccato of the headlines and listen very carefully, you will hear the infinitely slow grinding of the wheels, between which nothing is ever lost."


Construction scenography: Luc Galle, Patrick da Silva
: Ils Ooms, Yuni Mahieu