Thomas Verstraeten


In the emergency exits of the Bourla theatre, Benjamin Verdonck and I built a night-time convenience store, a betting shop, a shisha bar, a call shop, a video rental shop and a peep show. At 11 p.m., when the public had gone home and the main entrance to the theatre was locked, six temporary monuments opened to places that have always been here in the city: refuges for vagrants, nighthawks, newcomers, addicts, posers, the lonely, the hungry, the inquisitive, the thirsty and men who feel the stirrings of spring in their pants.


With: Rozi Khan Momand, Gajendramn Tamathan, Elke Schroeder, Sharon Van Overmeiren, Pieter Ampe, Pradeep Nagularajah, Mohanad, Mukhtar, Mark Knaepen, Rozanne Kempinck, Florian Vandamme, Mats Stad, Renée Paijmans
Karl Schneider, Jan Palinckx, Frederik Liekens, Patrick Jacobs, Bram Rombouts, Rogier Stoutjesdijk, Sam Verdonck
: Filip Van Berendoncks, Maarten Meeusen, Eric Geudens, Dirk De Peuter
Production management:
Griet Stellamans, Luca Lemmens, Nele Verreyken
Supervision: Almendra Dusoir
Toneelhuis, KVS
Thanks to:
Hans Ronald, Wannes Cré, KunstZ, Hemat Tajet, Danny Provo, Digimax Europe, Billy Rymenans, Ladbrokes