Thomas Verstraeten

Roi Pont Baudouin

To get from Charleroi station to the city centre, you have to cross the Pont Roi Baudouin. This bridge over the River Sambre is a special place. It resembles some kind of medieval drawbridge which everyone wanting to enter the city has to cross. For the Hotel Charleroi festival, I asked a number of street musicians and homeless people to form a welcome committee for visitors to the city.


With: Yves Dorpel, Christopher, Michaela Sirbu, Thiery Meuray, Marcel, Olivier, Axel, Natalia Lacatus, Roberto, Christian Clin, David Joennot, Eric Poppe, Georges Pirard, Thierry Diperu, Charles, Dominique, Pedro, Michel Bersen, Dominique Lareng, Damien Battaille, Jerôme, Abdelkader Khelifaoui, El Outmani Abdelhak, Benderbal Abdelkader, Said Ebdendani Said, Youssef Mimiss, Taibi Abdellah, Omar Eddaa, Rudy, Sébastien
Hotel Charleroi